Look | World Trade Center in Spring

WNYC began visiting the World Trade Center site in April 2010 and continues to document the construction of One World Trade Center, the 9/11 Memorial, the transportation hub and the people working on the site.

In the last week of March, with steel laid up to the 60th floor and concrete poured up to the 52nd floor, work began picking up at One World Trade Center. Trees were planted and the benches at the memorial plaza were being fit together. The Santiago Calatrava transportation hub was taking shape and the lunch cart has been expanded.

The memorial plaza at the World Trade Center site.

Glass now surrounds the tridents at the 9/11 Memorial Museum.

There are 60 floors with steel and 11 floors with glass windows installed.


The new transit hub designed by Santiago Calatrava is still under construction.

The North Memorial pool.

Windows preparing to be installed on the 31st floor of One World Trade Center.

Maria Pacillo serves about 500-600 lunches a day at the World Trade Center construction site. Recently, workers built an extension for her lunch trailer. She shares it with one other woman and a few cooks.

Lunch time at the new trailer at the World Trade Center construction site.