Birther Trump: The Latest in a NYC Political Tradition

Monday, April 11, 2011 - 11:44 AM

New York is an amazing place. We've got all kinds of people, all living in very close quarters, going about our daily lives together. We're home to some of the most successful people in the world and some of the most interesting political figures. Sometimes, though, these fascinating people feel like New York isn't enough for them and try to make a splash on the national political stage. And that, as many New Yorkers know, is when we collectively hang our head in shame.

It was 2004 that Al Sharpton was the jokester buffoon on stage during the Democratic debates. When asked whom he would nominate to be Chairman of the Federal Reserve it was obvious Sharpton had no idea what the Federal Reserve was or what it did. To Republicans around the country who knew of Sharpton's race-baiting ways, it was a delicious moment. To New Yorkers it was plain embarrassing.

The years since have brought an embarrassment of shame. Eliot Spitzer was definitely going to be president someday until that unfortunate hooker incident. The Rent is Too Damn High guy was so hilarious to people outside our fair city but the truth was they weren't laughing with us - they were laughing at us.

Now comes the biggest laughingstock of all: The Donald. The clown of Midtown has his moments. Everyone loves The Apprentice and I was definitely Team Donald in his feud with Rosie O'Donnell. But wanting to run for president on the Republican ticket and bringing up the dead-as-a-doornail story of Obama's birth certificate as his signature issue? This I can not abide.

Let's face it: Obama loves when people question his place of birth. Every minute we spend discussing if Obama was born in Kenya is a minute we don't spend saying that our weakling, perpetually golfing president has only made our economy worse and led us into a third war with nary a word of discussion. It's time spent not pointing out that Obama promised the most outrageous things in the world - oceans would lower!--and delivered on exactly zero of those promises. Trump dragging this issue back into the spotlight is only good for one person: the American-born Barack Obama.

Is it unfair, all you birthers out there? Sure, it's unfair. Republicans waiting for the media to be fair to them will be waiting a long time. The Barack Obama birth certificate story is very similar in nature to the George W. Bush AWOL story. Both have no merit, both are the "smoking gun" opponents hope will end their hated politicians career. Of course, our venerable media picked over the Bush records with a fine tooth comb. Associated Press sued to get the documents. Dan Rather and 60 Minutes wanted so badly to believe that the president had fudged his service that they aired the most obvious forgery of all time in primetime.

Of course birthers look to stories like these and wonder when they will have their crazypants day in the sun. That Donald Trump has given a voice to this insanity in a mainstream kind of way is a problem. As a Republican I say "go away." As a New Yorker I say "come home."

Born in the Soviet Union and raised in Brooklyn, Karol Markowicz is a public relations consultant in NYC and a veteran of Republican campaigns in four states. She blogs about politics at Alarming News and about life in the city with her husband and baby at 212 BabyShe can be followed on Twitter.


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Comments [15]

oldboy68 from East of the Hudson

Well Trump got him to do it and now we can move on! Yea $4 dollar gas, Bombing Libya (didnt work 30K dead) now 3 wars? The middle class being destroyed by the golfer's policies! If Trump can get this NWO puppet off our backs, More power to him! Portraying him as a clown or Sharpton just show how much the left fears a Trump run! Trump/Rubio anyone!!!

Apr. 28 2011 10:16 AM

12 Year-old explains the birth certificate issue with the help of Supreme Court Justice O'Connor in this quick and easy video:

Can I Be President?

The Donald's spin-misters should talk a look.

Apr. 22 2011 02:25 PM

Hey, Donald! The “birther bone” has been chewed on to the point there is no meat left on that bone and all Republicans who are serious about their presidential aspirations have moved on – you should do the same. It seems that most conservatives have a short and misguided memory and Trump is no exception. His tirade of criticism of President Obama and the current situations involving Libya, our economy, gas prices, etc. have no basis - he's done as he's always done - blabber! He chooses to forget that from 2003 through the end of George Bush’s Presidency this country was involved in two wars, there was no regulation of the financial industry which ultimately resulted in a total meltdown during the last several years of his administration further resulting in the loss of at least 40% of the value of 401k plans affecting tens of millions – yes, I’m one. Trump forgets that in May 2008 (just a few short 3 years ago - there’s that short term memory thing I mentioned earlier) gas prices were $4/gallon and let me remind him – President Obama was not sitting in the White House during this debacle – George W. Bush was and he’s the reason we’re still trying to dig ourselves out of a hole. Oh, yes, lest Trump's memory cause him to forget – because of GWB's decision to enter into Iraq we lost almost 5,000 of our brothers, daughters, fathers, husbands, sisters, sons and wives - and can The Donald explain why this country suffered those losses? In closing, anyone can be a critic but in my lifetime, and to my knowledge, criticism has never accomplished anything – actions do. Therefore, whether it be Donald Trump or any other Republican who chooses to run for the office of President – give those who wish to vote for you solid reasons for doing so by focusing on the issues and providing logical approaches to correcting them. Come on Trump, what have you got beyond “I don’t believe Obama was born in this country?" If you think that statement is going to get you into the Oval Office then you are as delusional as I think you are. If that's your plan you might as well spend your time on the golf course. You’ll note I didn’t say improving your game – first you have to have one.

Apr. 22 2011 10:30 AM

Is this blog post a joke? A bending over backwards to be inclusive -- giving any and all voices the opportunity to be heard in what is an increasingly fact free political environment? Republicans are waiting in vain for the media to be fair to them? Give me a break. So tell me Karol, what would happen if you made these unsubstantiated assertions in your former homeland? Democracy gives anyone the opportunity to say anything no matter how idiotic and devoid of meaningful content.

Apr. 20 2011 05:06 PM

Ignoring the written words of the supreme law of the land does not change the facts. 2 parents that are American citizens are required to be a NATURAL born citizen. not naturalized. get it straight. naturalized can be a governor but the founders wanted a natural born citizen for president. why would a man like Obama spends millions hiding a normal birth certificate? you need one to play little league or drive a car. why does his SS number read from 1890? Oops no answer!!

Apr. 16 2011 02:33 PM
Karol from NYC

*illegitimate war by the left. Obviously nothing Bush did was ever legitimate.

Apr. 13 2011 04:14 PM
Karol from NYC

Justin, I don't know if all the Republican candidates would have bombed Libya but I do know that the last president went to Congress before bombing Iraq and still it was considered a legitimate war by the left. Also, c'mon, if Bush had golfed as much as Obama the Daily Show would start every episode off with the daily shot of him golfing while Rome burned.

Apr. 12 2011 02:40 PM
Justin Krebs from NYC

Karol -

Thanks for the honest appraisal of Trump. I don't believe he'll get in the race, stay in the race, or win the Republican Primary, and I agree with you it's unfortunate that the GOP primary discussion is going to be distracted by him for even a little while.

You and I have different critiques of our President ("perpetually-golfing?"), from different directions. But we both agree that we'll all be served by substantive debates.

I agree with you that there were problems with the rationale for bombing Libya. Honestly, other than hear that they oppose Obama, I'm not sure what the Republican front-runners would have done differently. Some would have bombed sooner. Some wouldn't have taken action at all. I think that's an interesting and valuable debate -- one that Democrats should be having as well -- and one that is drowned out by Trump's current gambit.

Last point: I don't think Trump believes Obama isn't a natural American citizen. I think he just has a good knack for stirring up media exposure. So it's not only distracting, but profoundly cynical as well.

Apr. 12 2011 08:42 AM
Retro from Oregon

What a FNYC crock-o-crap. You're wrong K.

Apr. 12 2011 08:08 AM
Brian from New York City

Obama loves the birthers, because his strategy going back to the 2008 campaign has been to marginalize all opposition, by portraying it as the product of malignant, irrational, racist, xenophobic fear. If Trump were an agent of Obama, he could not serve Obama's interests to a greater extent than he is doing right now.

Ann Coulter gets it, because she's smart, and she understands modern politics. In fact, most conservatives get it, but a vocal minority needs to wise up and stop playing Obama's game.

Apr. 12 2011 04:06 AM

Karol Markowicz: "Now comes the biggest laughingstock of all: The Donald."

Who is this Karol Markowicz? The Queen of ad hominem? Talk about a laughingstock. Real reporters from the past would roll over in their graves.

Read the fable, "The Emperor's New Clothes" sometime. Even the governor of Hawaii, using his powers of governor of that state, could not find a Hawaiian Birth Certificate for him. Why do you think that is? This Isn't Rocket Science, nor Brain Surgery. If you are looking for the explanation for something, first look to the simplest explanation, not some damn convoluted one, as that one is most likely the correct one. The simplest explanation for why even the governor of Hawaii, using his powers of governor of that state, could not find a Hawaiian Birth Certificate for Barack Hussien Obama, is the very same reason that, had he been looking for a Hawaiian Birth Certificate for me instead, he could not have found one either. Wake up! Read the fable. The Emperor had no fine, or unfine, clothes, and his clothes weren't invisible. He was naked.

Apr. 11 2011 11:34 PM

In the distant past some people cowered in fear of being called uninformed conspiracy theory fools too tortured to be taken seriously and unfit for their positions, unworthy or in some other manner morally impaired if they could not see the Emperor's fine new invisible clothes. In the recent past some people cowered in fear of being called uninformed conspiracy theory deniers too tortured to be taken seriously and unfit for their positions, unworthy or in some other manner morally impaired if they could not feel Al Gore's invisible global warming. Some people now cower in fear of being called uninformed conspiracy theory birthers too tortured to be taken seriously and unfit for their positions, unworthy or in some other manner morally impaired if they can not see Barack Obama's invisible Magical Birth Certificate.

History seldom repeats, but it very often closely rhymes and shows yet again that some people never learn, that the proclaimed invisible and actual non-existent are almost always the same and that there will always be many men and women among us who are more as Mice and Sheep than as Lions and Foxes. Sometimes it seems a shame that Noah didn't miss the boat.

Apr. 11 2011 11:30 PM
Mike Camardese from Orlando, Fl

Technically the first ten presidents of the United States were not natural born US citizens as they were born in the American Colonies under the direct rule of the King of Great Britain. After the War for Independence, the government of the United States was formed and the constitution was adopted they were granted citizenship and thus became naturalized citizens.

Apr. 11 2011 08:47 PM
MBSC from New Jersey

So, is this NPR doing a right-wing thing so that the House Republicans will leave you alone? Do you really think that referring to the President as a "weakling" and "perpetually golfing" contributes to the political discourse in any meaningful way at all? Was it really necessary to call Donald Trump a "clown"? I expect better from you, NPR. Oh wait, it's ok because it is a "blog." Sorry, I forgot.

Apr. 11 2011 05:36 PM

12 year old understands more than "The Donald". She takes on the birthers and explains why Pres. Obama is legally our president with a very straight forward answer. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor adds clarity.

If you want to understand what the constitution actually says about who can be president, check out this video. If you like it pass it on.

Can I Be President?

We need to put a stop to this malice.

Apr. 11 2011 04:34 PM

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