Gov't Shutdown Looms Large for New York, Says Comptroller

A federal government shutdown would have repercussions for New York, said the State’s Comptroller, who noted a long term federal stalemate could even threaten the precarious balance of the state budget.

State Comptroller Tom DiNapoli said a federal government shut down would close national parks in New York including the Statue of Liberty, Franklin and Theodore Roosevelt's homes and the Seneca Falls women’s rights museum — just in time for spring break and school field trips.

"In this time, where people haven't had the money for more luxurious vacations, there's been more travel to the public historic sites,"
DiNapoli said. "You may decide not to make any plans at all."

The state depends on more than $50 billion in federal monies for Medicaid, construction projects and the clean up of toxic waste sites. DiNapoli said the short-term effects of delayed payments could be minimal, but in the long term road and bridge repairs would halt, and the state’s recently balanced budget might fall into deficit if major federal payments are late.