So Many Marimbas...

...And only an hour of music for marimbas and marimba-like instruments from various traditions on this New Sounds program. Hear from Oreka Tx, a duo from Spain, who perform on an instrument made of cedar called the Txalaparta (it looks like pairs of wooden planks and is struck with mallets.) Also, listen to an arrangement of Steve Reich's "Electric Counterpoint" for marimba by Svet Stoyanov, a Professor of Percussion at Peabody. Plus, Super Marimba - music by Payton MacDonald, one of the founders of Alarm Will Sound. MacDonald makes a melodic stream of multiple layers of marimba, using looping machines and delay pedals, which then becomes several different simultaneous rhythmic cycles. And more.

PROGRAM # 2910, Many Marimbas Making Music (First aired on Tues. 3/10/09)





Oreka Tx

Nömadak Tx

Lauhazka, excerpt [1:30]

World Village 468085

Svet Stoyanov

Percussive Counterpoint

Reich: Electric Counterpoint, arr. Stoyanov [14:00]

CAG 103

Oreka Tx

Nömadak Tx

Lauhazka [4:00]

See above.



Music For an Ancient Greek Temple [8:00]

Point Music 454056 
Out of print, but available as an import at*

Payton MacDonald

Super Marimba II

Four Places of Prophecy and the Fire Ritual [9:30]

Not yet released. See 
 for info

Newband (Harry Partch Instrumentarium)

Live, MATA 2000

Gosfield: It Almost Passed in a Dream, excerpt [4:00]

Not commercially released, but listen

Joby Burgess


Reich: Electric Counterpoint, arr. Burgess, excerpt [6:00]

Signum UK SGK 143 
Available at
Joby's Myspace:powerplantjobyburgess