Calculating Egyptian Time Currency

Egyptian Pounds.

If time is money, then I think that dollars are not the only currency that we need to convert upon arriving in Egypt.  We also have to convert our time currency, throwing out our very American desire to be on time (though admittedly I have never been able to quite master that skill even in the States.)

One United States Dollar is equal to 5.9519 Egyptian Pounds.  I propose the same conversion rate for U.S. minutes and Egyptian minutes.  So when we are 15 U.S. minutes late to an appointment, whether because of traffic, locating an office in labyrinth-like streets, or buying trinkets on the side of the road (which we would obviously never do), we are only about 2 minutes and 52 seconds late in Egyptian time.  And when we are on time?  Well, of course, that would actually make us early.