Sale of St. Vincent's Hospital Approved by Federal Judge

A federal bankruptcy judge has approved the sale of St Vincent's Hospital to a Manhattan developer.

The Rudin company will purchase the Greenwich Village complex for $260 million to create between 250 and 300 apartments in several buildings — some that exist and will be renovated and some that are yet to be constructed.

Rudin will donate the prominent white O'Toole Building on West 12th Street to North Shore-LIJ, which will invest $110 million to convert it into the state's first free-standing emergency room.

North Shore said the facility will serve tens of thousands of patients a year — but the new ER won't have inpatient beds, so it won't be able to serve the most serious emergencies.

Judge Cecelia Morris rejected an 11th-hour attempt by community members to prevent the sale. They said the proposed ER wouldn't adequately replace the full-service trauma center that was St. Vincent's.

Opponents are weighing an appeal.

Closing on the sale will take place in September, but Rudin and North Shore will need approvals from the city and state to proceed with their proposed apartment buildings and medical facilities.

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