A Government Shutdown? But What About My Tax Return?

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With a possible partial federal government shutdown looming, It's A Free Country knows what you are really wondering about.

And don't worry, you're probably fine.  As long as you are one of the estimated 70 percent of people who file their taxes electronically. 

While a federal shutdown would mean that most IRS employees would be going on unpaid and unplanned vacation, taxes are still due on April 18th (a holiday observed in D.C. meant that this year, taxes were bumped from the 15th).  Mail service will continue even if there is a shutdown, so if you're filing by mail, you still have to make sure your tax forms are sent to the IRS with a postmark of April 18th or earlier. 

The IRS will stop processing of tax refunds for paper-filed returns or auditing if the shutdown happens, resulting in delays for paper filers. However, people who file electronically and chose to receive their return electronically should not experience any problems. 

But you don't care, right? You filed your taxes months ago, right?