Your Take: Government Shutdown and Essential Jobs

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As a government shutdown looms, we're asking listeners who they might hold accountable, and you've got a lot to say on the subject. After the announcement that even after a shutdown, some "essential" public jobs would remain, we've also been asking about how one defines essential jobs. When you think about your own job, do you think you're "essential"? Why or why not?

Laurie Arora had this to say on Facebook:

One of my jobs is MOM. Definitely essential. And never a day off.

Robert James Finn also commented on Facebook, saying: 

I work in a Nursing Home. Even though I am on the "support staff," I think I am part of a team and as essential to the day to day harmonious workings of the Home as much as the other departments. Any interruptions to your Nation's federal bureaucracy may mean widespread and localized problems for all citizens.