Are You Essential in Your Job?

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With a government shutdown looming, non-essential federal workers will be asked to stay home. When you think about your own job, do you think you're "essential" or not? Why/why not?

Here are some of the responses we've been getting in so far:

One of my jobs is MOM. Definitely essential. And never a day off.
—Laurie Arora (via Facebook)

I work in a Nursing Home. Even though I am on the "support staff," I think I am part of a team and as essential to the day to day harmonious workings of the Home as much as the other departments. Any interruptions to your nation's federal bureaucracy may mean widespread and localized problems for all citizens.
— Bob in Canada (via Facebook)

I think I'm essential only because the law says I am. I am a special Ed paraprofessional and the law says that I have to be around to provide support for the kids I work with. The teacher probably doesn’t need me though.
—Denver, Colo. (via text message)

I am, because there are only two people in my office.
— Warren, Mich. (via text message)

I’m a Firefighter in Providence RI a city in decay.we are the front line for all things bad. yes we are essential.
—Jay Fabrizio, Centerdale, RI (via text message)

My job is not essential. I work for a private company in the restaurant business in risk management. We keep the company safe from workers comp expenses and guest incident law suits. My job is only essential to our stock holders.
—Brooklyn, NY (via text message)

Hell no. There are at least 100 other people fully qualified for my job and I could be replaced at any time with my replacement up to speed in one day.
— Detroit, Mich. (via text message)