Remembering Artist and Activist Juliano Mer-Khamis, Killed in West Bank

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Half-Palestinian, half-Israeli actor and leading non-violence activist Juliano Mer-Khamis was shot dead on Monday in the West Bank. Mer-Khanis was a leading figure in the arts and founded The Freedom Threatre in Jenin, a Palestinian refugee camp in the West Bank. The theater provides opportunities for Palestinian children to get involved in the arts.

His work in the arts and his advocacy for better relations between Palestinians and Israelis made him a controversial figure. On Monday, while riding in car with his one-year son, Mer-Khamis was shot five times and killed by a masked gunman. His son was unharmed. 

Since his death, both Israelis and Palestinians have mourned the loss. We talk with about the life and legacy of Juliano Mer-Khamis with Kathleen Chalfant, actor and board member of the Jenin Freedom Theatre. The West Bank and Gaza correspondent Jon Donnison also weighs in.