Using a Vacation for a New Vocation

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They're calling it a "vocation vacation." It happens when you take time off from your current job to try out working at a new job. But why would anyone want to spend their vacation doing work? Takeaway work contributor Beth Kobliner brings us some reasons why, and she shares her research with those who might want to try taking some time away from their jobs.

We also talk with Mike Leonard, a former participant in the Wilderness Volunteers program, who, after his trip, got a new job working outdoors and later, one in conservation and energy.

There are several companies that can help people go on one of these trips, including Vocation Vacations (which gives people the chance to try their hand at dream jobs such as actor, architect and baseball announcer), Transitions Abroad (which specializes in short-term gigs overseas) and (which hooks people up with seasonal jobs of three months or longer).