Winning? Charlie Sheen Fans Shedding Tickets to Live Show

Tiger blood might be running through Charlie Sheen’s veins, but it is not helping him win over New Yorkers.

Many of those who bought tickets for his live show "My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat Is Not an Option" at the Radio City Music Hall -- scheduled for coming Friday and Sunday -- are trying to get rid of them after the production got panned following its opening over the weekend.

On Monday, there nearly 2,800 tickets available on StubHub for the two shows, with the cheapest priced at $24.

"Much of this has to do with supply pacing out demand," said Joellen Ferrer, spokeswoman for StubHub. "Because of bad reviews in Detroit, the demand dipped to this low level."

A rep for Sheen said he "wouldn't know" why there are nearly that many tickets available on StubHub -- some significantly under face value.

On Saturday, the audience in Detroit booed Sheen and many walked out of the Fox Theater. Media coverage of the disastrous performance and the poor reviews that followed led to a significant price decrease for the New York shows, said Ferrer. Overall average price for the shows last week was $130, said Ferrer, but it dropped to $50 on Sunday.

Nano Tissera, 22, a college student in New York, said he bought two tickets for the Sunday show about two weeks ago, but decided to sell them on Craigslist after reading reviews of the show in Detroit.

"I just got a really bad feeling from what I was reading," said Tissera. "It seemed like people were being ripped off, like they were not getting what they paid for. I thought, 'I should probably get rid of these.'"

He paid $150 for two tickets and posted an ad on Sunday asking the same amount of money. Tissera said he only received two inquiries and doesn't believe he will manage to sell them. He is less worried, though, about keeping the tickets after reading about Sheen’s Sunday performance in Chicago, which received better reviews.

Ferrer thinks that many fans will act similarly and whatever happens with ticket prices for New York's shows will depend on how Sheen performs this week in Cleveland and Columbus.

"It has potential to go either way," she said. "Maybe the prices will drop further. Or maybe he will get raving reviews, and people will want to pay more."

Day-to-day average prices paid for shows in New York on StubHub (from March 16 to April 4)