Officers Accused of Rape Showed 'Repugnant' Abuse of Authority, Prosecutor Says

Two New York City police officers committed a "repugnant" abuse of authority by raping a woman who was extremely drunk, a prosecutor said during opening remarks in Manhattan court on Monday.

A defense lawyer called the charges a "moral outrage" and accused one of the officers of being especially motivated to help the woman get home because he is a recovering alcoholic.

Defense lawyer Joseph Tacopino also said the accuser's memory is not reliable.

Opening statements were held Monday at the trial of Officers Kenneth Moreno and Franklin Mata.

A cab driver told police the woman was too drunk to get out of his taxi in December 2008. Prosecutors say Moreno then raped her in her Manhattan apartment, and Mata acted as a lookout. Both have pleaded not guilty to rape and other charges.

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