Welcome to Cairo!

OTM has finally arrived in Cairo.  Words can't describe this city and the energy felt all around us.  Having never been to Cairo before, I can't say for sure if the excitement that I am feeling is a result of the recent revolution or is simply the status quo for this bustling metropolis, but I feel fairly certain that there is a newfound sense of optimism among Egyptians--despite the repeated acknowledgment from the people I have spoken with that there is still a great deal of work left to do.

One thing however that is certainly not new to Cairo is the city's infamous traffic jams.  Brooke and I got stuck in one on the way to our hotel: 

Once we finally made it to our destination, we got to take in the city from our hotel balcony, with the Nile on one side of us, and Tahrir Square on the other:

It is worth noting that the sound of car horns heard in that video has not stopped.  And I don't suspect that it ever will.  But this isn't a complaint, just an observation of one of the many noises that makes up the soundtrack of this vibrant city.