Bloomberg: State Budget Means Police Force Must Shrink

Mayor Michael Bloomberg on said the city will be forced to cut the size of the police force and reduce the size of the fire department under the newly passed state budget.

Speaking during a radio appearance on Friday, the mayor said the city can't afford to maintain the size of its police force.  Bloomberg asked agencies to suggest cuts of between 2 and 4 percent and has not detailed which ones will make it into the budget.

"We cannot afford the size police force, fire department, of any of these agencies if we have a $400 million deficit," said the mayor, referring to the state budget passed Thursday that the city said failed to deliver roughly $400 million in savings that the mayor had demanded.

Still, spokesman Marc LaVorgna said a few hours later, the administration does "not anticipate layoffs of uniformed officers will be necessary." The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association police union declined to comment.

More than 6,000 possible teacher job reductions are also on the table.

The mayor and City Council must agree on a budget by the end of June.

With the Associated Press