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Six Ways To Save A Sinking Conversation

You've met that person before, maybe at your office or a party. No matter how hard you try to relate, your conversation goes nowhere. 

Not all of us are blessed with the gift of the gab. Some people are just downright buzzkills.

Daniel Menaker, author of A Good Talk: The Story Of Skill And Conversation, offers a glimmer of hope.

"If you're having a conversation and it's going wrong in one way or another…there are ways of rescuing it. At least for a while," he says. "If the person you are talking to is simply boring and is not going to become interesting to you, then, sadly, the responsibility for your own entertainment falls on yourself."

Menaker came into to WNYC as a guest of the Leonard Lopate Show. He offered some very creative strategies to salvage those sticky situations.

Tips include bringing up horror stories about traveling (everyone seems to have one) and using an empty cup as prop. Watch the video for details and learn how to reclaim those awkward social moments.