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Theo Bleckmann
“Duet for One”
Playing Thursday at Littlefield
(622 Degraw Street, Gowanus)
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Recorded in a Swiss monastery, Theo Bleckmann’s “Duet for One” is a two-part vocal piece sung by one person. Impossible, you say? Not for Bleckmann. Using his legendary vocal technique, he jumps octaves at a time and inhales while singing so he never has to come up for air.

It’s a remarkable feat, but just one of the tricks in Bleckmann’s bag. He uses children’s toys, loop pedals and all manner of voice-altering gadgets to record music both playful and artistically serious, ranging from German cabaret ditties to the art-songs of Charles Ives. And Bleckmann’s fans aren’t just experimental music nerds: Steven Spielberg commissioned him to invent the alien language for the film “Men In Black.”