Libya: Arming and Training the Rebels

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A Libyan civilian holds anti aircraft ammunitions at an army barrack on February 28, 2011 in Benghazi where dozens of civilians registered for a civil defense training amid fears of an air raid.
From New York Times , and

Officials from both sides of the Atlantic are increasingly faced with the question of whether coalition forces should intensify the campaign against Colonel Moammar Gadhafi by arming Libyan rebel fighters. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton spoke yesterday at diplomatic meetings being held London to discuss the situation in Libya. She said it’s possible that UN Security Council Resolutions could allow certain countries to supply weapons to Libyan rebels.

However, according to a report out this morning by Mark Landler, Chief White House correspondent The New York Times, there is a heated debate going on in the Obama administration about whether arming the rebels would be a wise move.