Bronx Zoo Continues Search for Missing Snake

The Bronx Zoo is still searching for a venomous cobra five days after the 20-inch female snake slithered out of the World of Reptiles.

Zoo director Jim Breheny said in a statement posted on the zoo's site on Monday that the staff is confident that the snake is still in the World of Reptiles — which was promptly closed down — and is likely hiding within a "complex system with pumps, motors and other mechanical systems."

He said the search could take days — or weeks — depending on when the snake is comfortable enough to come out of hiding. But, he added, "it's the snake's game," and the "best strategy now is patience."

The Twitterverse is already having some fun with the story. Someone's created a Twitter account for the snake, tracking her supposed adventures around the city — from the original Ray's Pizza in the Bronx, to the tall grass at the High Line.