March Cold Snap Actually Pretty Normal

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It may feel like spring is off to a pretty cold start. But the National Weather service said cooler temperatures — and even some snow this time of year — aren't that unusual.

"We're actually a little bit below normal from last year, but right around the same as the two or three years prior to that for average temperatures for the month of March," said Lauren Nash, a meteorologist with the National Weather service.

Nash said the average temperature is 42.7 degrees so far this month. Last year's was high — at 48.2 degrees. But the average March temperatures in 2009 and 2008 were 42.4 and 42.6, respectively — putting this year's average pretty much on par with years past.

The average daily high temperatures this month are about 10 degrees below normal, possibly because it's been a bit cooler toward the end of this month, Nash said.

But "if you look at the average temperature for every March from about 1971 to 2000, we're actually a tad above average right now with this March," she said.

Temperatures could break into the low 50s this weekend, according to Nash.

But in case you're still feeling the winter blues, take this historical fact into consideration: it's nowhere near the coldest March on record. That was in 1888, when the average monthly temperature was a chilly 30 degrees.