Libya's Humanitarian Challenges Grow; Two Weeks Into Japan Nuclear Crisis

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A Libyan elderly man holds a portrait of a relative which, he says, was killed by the Gadhafi regime on March 6, 2011 outside the court house of Benghazi
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In Libya, a humanitarian crisis is growing, as clashes between Gadhafi loyalists, coalition forces and rebels get bloodier; crisis continues at the Fukushima Nuclear Power Station; Bachmann and Pawlenty eye the Oval Office; 2010 Census shows reverse great migration; General Electric's giant tax break; a new movie about Israel and Palestine, from the perspective of an orphan; the difficult job of being a spokesperson for a despot; a look at the tiny "median" town of America's population; March Madness goes to the sweet 16; and the author of the new book "Make Love Not Porn" talks about her doctrine.