Live Chat: Libya Intervention 101

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Tuesday at Noon, join WNYC's Brian Lehrer, Foreign Policy's Elizabeth Dickinson, and It's A Free Country's Jody Avirgan for a live chat about the Libya intervention. We'll discuss US diplomacy, the UN military strategy, and what's next in the conflict.

»» Brian Writes: Here are a few of the questions on my mind today.

  • Would Gaddafi's government simply crumble without him? If so, why not just arrest or kill HIM instead of ruining the country's military and killing OTHER people?
  • Are civilians being killed?
  • Who are these rebels we've never met and how do we know what do they want?
  • How will we know victory when we see it?
  • What's the best expert guess on how long this will take?

What basic questions do you have? Join us at noon!