Big Band Nu-Jazz


For this New Sounds, we’ll hear some instrumental post-rock-infused jazz from the Jacob Fred Jazz Orchestra – with areas of both electronic soundscapes and futurist hip hop.  There’s also backwoods jazz with a bit of heavy slop from Fight the Big Bull.   Plus, listen to cuts from the classic “Voice of Chunk” from the Lounge Lizards, and music from a Buffalo, NY-based group David Kane’s Them Jazz Beards.  And much more.

PROGRAM # 2904, Big Band Nu-Jazz (First aired on Wed. 2/25/09)





The Lounge Lizards

Voice of Chunk

Bob the Bob [2:00]

Private CD on the CHUNK/Lagarto label. Reissued as SB-0012 OR Download from

David Kane’s Them Jazz Beards

Armed and Hammered

El Nuevo Eliminacion [3:00]

K-9 #008, out of print, Info and discography at

The Lounge Lizards

Voice of Chunk

Tarantella [4:00] Bob the Bob Home [3:00]

See above.

Robert Stillman

Robert Stillman’s Horses

Love Theme [9:30]

Mill Pond #004*

Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey

Lil Tae Rides Again

Santiago Lends a Hand [5:00]

Hyena Records HYN 9366

Flat Earth Society

Flat Earth Society presents Psychoscout

Gulls and Buoys [4:30]

Crammed #128,, or

The Lounge Lizards

Voice of Chunk

A Paper Bag and the Sun [7:30]

See above.

Fight the Big Bull

Dying Will Be Easy

Dying Will Be Easy [7:30]

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