Ed, The Quitting Playwright

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Playwright Ed Schmidt takes the low-maintenance of the one-man show to the highest level. He cuts out all middlemen and performs his plays himself right out of his own living room.

Since October 2010, Schmidt has been inviting strangers into his Brooklyn apartment to experience "My Last Play," a piece in which he tells tales from his more than thirty years in theater and discusses why he is now walking away from it all. He then lets the audience members take a theater book of their choosing from his vast collection, a gesture to help him put an end to his career. 

"It's an interesting dynamic to perform in one's home," says Schmidt. "When people walk in, I might be brushing my teeth or turning the ringer off of my phone, and at times I get the clear sense that people think that this is part of the show. That line gets very blurry."

"My Last Play" is performed in Ed Schmidt's apartment in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. The run of the play will end when all of his theater books are gone. At last count, Schmidt still had 1,422 books to go.