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WNYCs Radio Rookies has started working with a new social networking website called Broadcastr, a worldwide platform for location-based audio stories. Our pieces can now be found on the Broadcastr map scattered throughout the 5 boroughs.

I'm Jimmy Musa, I’m an intern at WNYC’s Radio Rookies. I’m also a former Rookie and an indie artist, so I know a little something about the internet’s media outlets. I noticed how from day to day it becomes easier to maneuver online. Like in my case, I can easily promote and share my music, videos, and graphics and even live through my indie artist persona worldwide through the internet. Now there’s a new website called Broadcastr that provides another media outlet: audio documentary.

So say if you were to download the Broadcastr app (available for the iPhone and Android phones) and you find yourself in New Brighton, Staten Island or Flushing, Queens for example, you would be able to search according to your location and listen to stories like “The Second Mom” or “Interview with a Teenage Vampire” from Rookies graduates that produced stories from that area. You can also search by playlist of each location Rookies has previously had a workshop. New stories will also be constantly added on after every workshop. Radio Rookies on Broadcastr is a great way for the Rookie’s stories to be heard throughout NYC and worldwide.

Broadcastr isn’t just for New York stories though. You can upload stories from your own computer or even directly from your phone from anywhere in the world. Like for instance there’s an interesting experience someone shared through Broadcastr called “Sounds from the South Pole”, which was just recorded ambiance from several parts of Antarctica and another story about education in Afghanistan. It’s like traveling the world from anywhere you’re at.

My only question is: when Broadcastr catches on with the mass public, will it be able to hold everything that’s being uploaded or will there be a Broadcastr overload? For now there’s a limit on how much you can upload, but it seems that may become a problem in the future. Either way, Broadcastr is a great way to share your stories online with people all over the world.