Brooklyn Man Accused of Stabbing Spree Says He Was Having a Bad Day

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The Brooklyn man accused of going on a 28-hour killing spree that left four people dead and injured four others in late February told police he was suffering from cancer, and allegedly told officers he'd be better off if they'd shot him dead.

The new information comes from statements filed by prosecutors during his court date on Tuesday.

Gelman, 23, told officers that he'd had a "doozy of a day."

His lawyers have entered a plea of not-guilty for the 23-year-old suspect.

Gelman is charged with 13 counts of murder, attempted murder, robbery and assault.

The suspect was detained on the subway by transit officers on the No. 3 train. Documents note that Gelman told officers he was sorry and warned them to "stay away from angel dust." He reportedly said that his mind was sometimes not right.

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