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Live on Soundcheck: The New York Dolls

As you may have seen in The New York Times fashion magazine, Staten Island native David Johansen, the vocalist and harmonica player for the New York Dolls, is looking fabulous. His band's new album, Walking Backward in High Heels, which was recorded in New Castle, England, hit the shelves on Tuesday.

But if you think the New York Dolls is a band that plays only to its fan base, think again. Johansen says there aren't enough of them left!

"The abstruseness of the New York Dolls makes it really difficult to have any wide-ranging popularity," says Johansen.

Asked what the band was trying to do with this new record, he says: "You're in the studio and as long as you're there you want to make a record. You don't want to just sit around smoking cigarettes all day."

Check out a video below of the New York Dolls playing "I'm So Fabulous" in WNYC's Soundcheck studios.