State Sen. Kruger's Constituents Stunned About Corruption Charges

A day after State Senator Carl Kruger was slapped with corruption charges, some in his Brooklyn district said they're shocked to hear the nine-term lawmaker allegedly accepted more than a $1 million in bribes. 

Midwood resident Hadassah Wagner said Kruger's case "sad."

"It's unbelievable that people would risk their whole career just to make a little money -- I mean, it's a lot of money, but it's not worth it," she said. "He had a wonderful career ahead of him, and it's so foolish, so foolish. If it's true. I mean, I'm still hoping it's not."

Other neighborhood residents were less surprised. Seymour Perlowitz said if Kruger is guilty, he wouldn't be the only local official on the take.

"Other politicians in this district have sticky fingers, and not all of them get caught," he said. "I just hope the next person is going to be better."

Kruger and Assemblyman William Boyland Jr, both Brooklyn Democrats, are accused of taking money from a health care CEO, a real estate developer and a lobbyist, in return for legislative favors.

Kruger's attorney, Ben Brafman, said Kruger will fight the charges. An attorney for Boyland said the assemblyman refutes any wrongdoing.