The Desert of Forbidden Art

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Filmmakers Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georgiev discuss their latest film, "The Desert of Forbidden Art", which tells the incredible story of how a treasure trove of banned Soviet art worth millions of dollars came to be stashed in a far-off desert in Uzbekistan. Today, the work of Igor Savisky and his colleagues is described as one of the most remarkable collections of 20th century Russian art, yet it remains endangered—a lucrative target for Islamic fundamentalists, corrupt bureaucrats, and art profiteers.

"Crimson Autumn" by Ural Tansykbaev
"Crimson Autumn" by Ural Tansykbaev ( Courtesy of Savitsky Collection )
"Head" by Lyubov Popova
"Head" by Lyubov Popova ( Courtesy of Savitsky Collection )
Uzbekistan in the 1930s
Uzbekistan in the 1930s ( Photograph by Max Penson )
Artist Ural Tansykbaev
Artist Ural Tansykbaev ( Photographer Unknown )