Archives Mixtape: Please No Squeeze the Banana, 1946

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Undoubtedly readers of the Annotations blog have been waiting with bated breath for the next installment of the Archives Mixtape, and we are happy to oblige with a double feature!

Pals of the P.A.L., a children’s variety show presented by the Police Athletic League is well represented in the Municipal collection, and amidst announcements about upcoming Pals’ river cruises, youth boxing leagues and short radio plays are musical performances – some of which are really great!

These two tunes are courtesy of an August 1946 episode and feature a shared food theme. The first song, “We’ve Got Fish for Supper” was performed by Harvey Davis and his Instrumental Quintet. Unfortunately, research yielded no information about the band, but the song was first mentioned in Billboard on February 28, 1942, calling it “Al Cooper’s band’s new novelty for Decca.”

The second “track,” and a favorite here in the archives, is Anna Blanco’s rendition of “Please No Squeeze the Banana.” Once again, nothing is known about the performer, however the song was most famously recorded on the Majestic label by Louis Prima and his Orchestra in 1945.


Audio courtesy NYC Municipal Archives collection.