Wisconsin Senate Strips Public Employees of Collective Bargaining Rights

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The chairs of Wisconsin seante democrats sit empty during a session of the State Senate at the Wisconsin State Capitol on March 8, 2011 in Madison, Wisconsin.
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In a surprise legislative maneuver that took around 30 minutes, 18 Republican members of Wisconsin's Senate pushed through adoption of a bill last night that would sharply reduce public employees' collective bargaining rights. Introduced by the state's new governor, Scott Walker, the legislation has roiled the state's capitol for weeks. Union supporters and other protesters occupied the state house while Governor Walker battled in the press with Democrats who had fled the state to prevent a vote from taking place. The move circumvented a required quorum by removing language on appropriating funding to allow the 18-1 vote. What's next in the three week saga? 

The measure will head to Wisconsin's state assembly later today, where it is expected to pass. In the meantime, we speak again to State Senator Bob Jauch, a Democrat, who says "the Wisconsin state legislature is acting like a third world country." Shawn Johnson, reporter for Wisconsin Public Radio has been following the story.