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'Black Swan' Becomes 'SWAN!!!' at P.S. 122

Who needs hundreds of crew members, an Academy Award or a multi-million dollar budget? Starting Thursday at Performance Space 122, five actors in folding chairs holding (adapted) scripts will perform their version of the Hollywood blockbuster film "Black Swan" called "SWAN!!!". That title should indicate that audience members looking for melodrama should search elsewhere—"SWAN!!!" is all comedy.

Theater critic Adam Feldman of Time Out New York is looking forward to "SWAN!!!" He attended the company's comedic interpretation of the drama "Notes on a Scandal" last year, called "NOTES!!!"

Feldman says that both "Notes on a Scandal" and "Black Swan" are ripe for parody because they are well-made movies. "What makes them interesting is that there are great people involved with them, they've got a lot of style and intelligence and there are also elements that are exploitably ridiculous," he said. "For something to be worthy of parody, it has to be good to begin with."

Jack Ferver, who heads up QWAN (the company that is presenting "SWAN!!!"), knew that "Black Swan" was going to be the next staged reading parody as soon as he walked out of the theater. In the following weeks, the company members watched the film over and over, dissecting and distilling the film into its most comedic elements.

Ferver said he connected with the film on an artistic level. "I wanted to be able to have more time with that film in a way that was fun and nourishing," he said. "We think there is so much genius in it. If our parody was mean, then you'd just have an SNL (Saturday Night Live) skit."

"SWAN!!!" will be staged at Performance Space 122 from Thursday, March 10 to Saturday March 12.