New Bill Aims to Boost Organ Donations

In a move aimed at increasing the number of organ donors, a new bill, if passed, would add a section to the driver's license application requiring applicants to opt for or against organ donation before the license is processed.

State Senator David Carlucci is introducing the legislation, known as Lauren's Law, and said it will make the enrollment procedures easier and should increase the rolls "tremendously."

"Ninety-seven percent of the people that are enrolled in the organ donation registry do it through the Department of Motor Vehicles," Carlucci said.

Now, it is not mandatory to fill out the organ donation section.

Calucci said he understands some oppose being forced to answer the question, but he said his bill differs from previous ones in that it doesn’t automatically default to opt in if you don’t answer the question.

Lauren's Law is named after 10-year-old Lauren Shields, who received a heart transplant in March 2009.