Hebrew Charter School Looks to Open in Harlem

A Hebrew language charter school is looking to open in Harlem, but it's kicked up the usual concerns that charters take up resources and don't serve every student.

The school is still looking for a site and its spokesman, Dan Gerstein, claimed its most vocal opponents are against the idea of charter schools not the curriculum.

"That's going to manifest itself whether its a Hebrew language charter school another dual language charter school or any kind of charter school, and there is a small but vocal minority that is ideologically opposed to charter schools," he said.

Gerstein said the school wouldn't be religious and would be similar to an ethnically diverse Hebrew language school in Brooklyn. The plan has already received a letter of support from one of the two local community boards. But the chair of the second one said they're looking at issues like where the school will be located and at the proposed curriculum before the education committed votes next week.

Organizers say they hope to open the school in fall 2012.