Snapshot | Jeep in Reverse Mounts Town Car, Upper East Side

At 96th Street and 3rd Avenue on what's normally a leisurely walk from the subway at the end of a work week, there was quite a commotion. How did this jeep get on top of the town car? Fortunately the drivers of both vehicles didn't seem injured. Nonetheless, emergency medical technicians were checking them out in an ambulance.

Onlookers were amazed. Even police officers and first responders were snapping pictures with their phones and shaking their heads. According to officers, the jeep was stopped at the light and the driver put the vehicle in park. When the light changed he inadvertently put it in reverse and hit the gas.

One older woman, without missing a beat said, "See, Obama told us if you want to go forward you have to put it in 'D'."