Brooklyn Historical Society Film Series Pays Tribute To 'Dem Bums'

The Brooklyn Historical Society wraps up its baseball film series Sunday with a screening of the documentary "Dem Bums: The History of the Brooklyn Dodgers." The film includes archival footage and interviews with former players, including legends like Duke Snider, who died last week.

The films are being shown in conjunction with the historical society's current exhibit "Home Base: Memories of the Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field." 

"There's no question that baseball is a huge part of the history of Brooklyn," said Brooklyn Historical Society President Deborah Schwartz. "The Dodgers in particular, of course, are a celebrated part of that history."

Schwartz said the films and the exhibit also showcase the Historical Society's huge trove of Brooklyn baseball memorabilia.

"Everything from programs from the games and some of the original seats from Ebbets Field — those are on view," Schwartz said. "We have some of the players uniforms. We have bats and baseball cards. We have also some really interesting historical material from earlier Brooklyn baseball teams going back to the 19th Century.”

The free screening of "Dem Bums: The History of the Brooklyn Dodgers" starts Sunday at 2 p.m.