The Mix: Mad Teachers, Mad Leaders, and Madoff

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It's A Free Country's The Mix, where we take some of the notable clips and other voices found on WNYC this week and mix 'em up. Voices are in bold, connections are in italics.

Before we get to squabbles over public funds, let's take a moment to hear from Bernie Madoff, who bilked dozens of private investors out of their money. He spoke with Steve Fishman of New York Magazine, who in turn spoke with Brian Lehrer this week. Madoff continues to claim that "very few [of my investors] lost their principle." Speaking of principle, and principals, Mayor Mike Bloomberg is threatening layoffs for NYC teachers if the so-called "Last In First Out" law isn't changed this year. And while the Governor has agreed to change the law, Andrew Cuomo claims nothing can be done immediately. United Federation of Teachers head Michael Mulgrew thinks this is all a political game. The UFT isn't the only public union in the political crosshairs, and a protester in Wisconsin let it be known that the Badger State's unions have done enough, and now it's time for Governor Scott Walker to step up. For his part, Walker is threatening layoffs unless lawmakers return to debate his controversial bill early next week. Next week is too far away for protesters in Libya as they demand the immediate resignation of Moammar Gadhafi. As the democracy movement in that country starts to look more and more like a civil war, President Obama offered his most forceful comments yet.

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