Senators Call for US to Revisit Role of Libyan Leader in Lockerbie Bombing

As the international world calls for Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi to step down, some local senators are urging the U.S. to revisit Gadhafi's role in the 1988 Lockerbie bombing.

New Jersey Senators Robert Menendez and Frank Lautenberg and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand met with the outgoing Libyan Ambassador, Ali Suleiman Aujali, on Thursday to discuss new possible information that Gadhafi ordered the bombing himself.

This information is based on recent claims made by outgoing Libyan Minister of Justice Mustafa Abdel-Jalil.

Earlier this week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said she also wants the U.S. to look into the Pan Am 103 case again.

The senators are trying to get in touch with the justice minister to discuss the claims.

With Katherine McGee