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Monday, February 28, 2011

Neil MacFarquharNew York Times Cairo correspondent and author of The Media Relations Department of Hizbollah Wishes You a Happy Birthday: Unexpected Encounters in the Changing Middle East, gives an update on the turmoil in the Middle East.


Neil MacFarquhar

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DTorres from Nathan Strauss Projects

There is such much hypocrisy in all of
this Middle East stuff.
The US government has backed a lot of the dictators,if you want to tell the truth, heads of states if you want to make it sound nice, that are now being put out by their own people. We have kept them in power and we knew they were dictators.
Didn't the U.S. use Egypt as a place
to take people we wanted tortured?
"Extraordinary Rendition" is the Polite
term for the barbaric acts.
And wasn't Suleiman, Dr. Torture?

When did the U.S. demand that
Israel be held accountable for
Operation Cast Lead, where there
were many civilian deaths?

Did the U.S. go running off to the U.N.
and demand sanctions for Israel
after that one?
Where does Israel get the
bombs, white phosphorous,F16's,
Tanks, Caterpiller bulldozers it uses
to demolish Palestinian homes?
Lopate's show, recently had a program
on American's Hottest Export-Weapons.
Did Joe Lieberman & John McCain
demand that we arm the Palestinian
people fighting against a brutal occupation?

We are being hypocrites, playing
a dangerous game in the Middle East.
We are playing a dangerous game
in the Middle East.

Feb. 28 2011 02:30 PM
jgarbuz from Queens

Well, North Africa is actually referred to as the Maghreb, and is probably more Berber than it is Arab, though Arabic is the language most used. And if the Americas are the most western of continents, then Europe, North Africa, the Levant, the Arabian peninsula, Mesopotamia, Turkey and Iran do fall into the middle. And so I think using the label "Middle East" isn't too far off the mark as a descriptor.

As for Saudi Arabia, since Mecca and Medina are the holy lands of Islam, so bringing western style democracy to it is going to be a lot trickier than the rest of the region.

Feb. 28 2011 11:31 AM
Jeff Pappas from Ct.

And whats going to happen in Saudia Arabia ?
The Kingdom that produced the greatest number of 911 Hijackers, has no Civil Rights or Democracy But has OIL OIL OIL
But they are a US exception we train their Pilots,educate their wealthy princes and generally turn our backs on their Oppression !
Good Luck on that one !

Feb. 28 2011 11:14 AM
dan k from Chelsea

Should we still be calling North Africa it the "Middle East," when Algeria, Tunisia, and Libya sit geographically below Western Europe? Call it the Arab world, as the Middle East should be reserved for those countries actually situated Middle East of Europe or Middle West of Asia.

Feb. 28 2011 11:09 AM
jgarbuz from Queens

Well, those who were capable of reading the Arabic press, or have read translations from MEMRI and the like over the last few years like myself, might have noticed some stirrings and mild rumblings underneath the ME surface. It's now obvious in retrospect that an earthquake was building up under the surface but who could predict when it would blow? Now that it has, everyone asks how we all missed the signs. But we all sure did.

Feb. 28 2011 11:07 AM

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