Sexist City Statue Should Be Toppled, Says Pol

Rep. Anthony Weiner is asking the city to remove a statue in Queens he said is offensive and sell it on Craigslist.

The Queens Congressman called the 20-foot high marble statue of a nude man standing over two women at the corner of Queens Blvd. and Union Turnpike "controversial and offensive." It was installed at the site in 1941 after Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia removed it from City Hall Park.

"I believe in art, I believe in public art," Weiner said. "But that doesn't mean that we don't have a right to say, forcefully, some art is simply offensive to us and we think it should go."

Weiner, who is urging the city to sell the statue on Craigslist, said the art is sexist. But not everyone agrees with the politician's interpretation.

“This is an allegory. This is a representation in the classical style,” said Glenn Urbanas, a resident who is also an architect. He said that the male figure represents civil virtue, while the two female figures are actually sirens that represent political corruption and vice. He thinks the statue should stay.

According to a spokesperson, the city is reviewing Weiner’s request.