Special Guest: Robert Altman

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Kurt Andersen talks to movie director Robert Altman about art that challenges the audience.

Robert Altman is one of the most respected directors in American film. A maverick who came to prominence in the 1970s, Altman's films combine an intense scrutiny of American society with a documentary sense of detail and place. Altman tells Studio 360 that his filmmaking style throws out a deliberate challenge to the audience, and he expects viewers to see his films more than once to really understand them. His features include Nashville, M*A*S*H, McCabe and Mrs Miller, Popeye, Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean; Short Cuts, Dr. T & The Women, and Gosford Park. His new film, The Company, about the Joffrey Ballet, was released on December 25. It stars Neve Campbell. Altman has also directed numerous stage plays and television programs, including Bonanza and Combat!