Backstory: Moammar Gadhafi

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Dirk Vandewalle, Associate Professor of Government at Dartmouth University, discusses the 40-year rule of Libya’s Colonel Moammar Gadhafi. Professor Vandewalle’s most recent books are A History of Modern Libya and Libya since 1969: Qadhafi's Revolution Revisited.


Dirk Vandewalle

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Patrick from Hoboken, NJ

Worst posts about ANY topic on these Leonard Lopate forums! What are you people even talking about? Don't you get what this segment was about? This was not the time for an in-depth discussion of what's happening now; for that, turn on any television set, check out any of the scores of news website, listen to other WYNC news programs, etc. This was simply a brief back story to an issue that is currently in the public eye.

Stop acting like it's Mr. Lopate's duty to report what YOU want to hear and nothing else. Today he's doing a 'Please Explain' segment about silk. I don't care about silk. Should I be up in arms about it???

Feb. 25 2011 01:47 PM
ann f from upper west side

@amy - yours is a good observation and one i make a lot too. please do not interpret this as rude, but i believe it is important: like so many names of nations, cities, regions, items, actions, and people --- say for example the name "qadhafi": qaddafi, khadafi, khadaffy, qhadafi, Gadaffy, Gadhafi -- spellings change or are adjusted -- especially when transliterated. nonetheless, the meaning remains the same. and for now, libyans/lybians/humans, like millions past and present, are being murdered (1) so rulers may retain control of the ruled; and (2) so that the individuals themselves may achieve long-deserved and future freedom for themselves, neighbors and children. so, while your question is an interesting one, lets try to the look at the bigger picture. lets ask bigger pictures, like "why did this happen? how did a dictator remain in place for 42 years?" if it is not possible to broach these extremely difficult questions, then search the internet for alternative spellings of libya/lybia/leebyia. (and i must ask myself ...why is it necessary to post this what-may-be-silly response, when maybe i could do something to help in other ways? because i like many don't know what to do. i feel helpless. and sad. and angry. and hopeful...)

Feb. 24 2011 04:32 PM
ann f from Upper West Side

Questions to Vandewalle:

Explain what a "tribal soceity" is, why Libya is a so-called tribal society. Explain how this dictatorship has remained in power for 42 years. Explain the import of Qadhafi referring to himself as "the Leader", and the contradictory reality that he has full control of the country, but refuses to accept any legal role in government -- and how this impacts upon the economic, social and political status of Libyan citizens. Explain what goes beyond Qadhafi -- the fact that he orders his private forces to do his dirty work? And finally, why does Vandewalle defend Qadhafi to the extent - and how has he gotten such close access to Qadhafi - an accomplishment achieved by so few?

Feb. 24 2011 01:59 PM
Amy from Manhattan

How much did Libyans know about Gadhafi's eccentricities or what's going on in other countries? How much control does he have over the media?

Feb. 24 2011 01:57 PM
Henry O. from Elizabeth NJ

¿How close are we to invade -or as is now known,
send our "global gendarmes" NATO-?

The argument is the "blood shed".
Media is all over preparing the terrain...

(Obviously nothing to say about 'our' Bahrain,
neither our blood shed in Afghanistan and Irak. In this last country let's seee ummmm close to a million civilians we've killed?)

Feb. 24 2011 01:46 PM
Amy from Manhattan

I've seen the spelling "Lybia" in some older texts, but I can't remember how old those are. When did the spelling change (or get decided) in English?

Feb. 24 2011 01:45 PM

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