Showing Support For Wisconsin Protestors One Pie at a Time

A viral campaign that's motivating people from all over the world to donate pizza to hungry Wisconsin protestors has hit New York. Manhattan DJ Todd Wilkinson said an online post inspired him to collect donations during happy hour at his local haunts.

"Anything we can do to support them even if its just sending a pizza — that's pretty concrete. Filling up someone's belly allows them to camp out. They've been there for what, seven, eight days now?"

He said his pitch is simple yet effective.

“I tell them what's going on. I break it down for them: here's a quick way to support these people — lets send them a pizza. One thing New Yorkers understand is pizza.”

Jamie Jones of the South Bronx responded to Wilkinson’s passionate pitch and said to maybe her small donation will alter the perception some Midwesterners have of New Yorkers.

"We sometimes get a bad rap for not being friendly, and this will hopefully change those views," she said. "One pizza at a time."

Wilkinson said he's raised $200.00 for 10 pizzas in the past couple days and plans to keep it going for as long as the workers are out  protesting.

In Madison, Wisconsin, Ian Gurfield, the founder of Ian's Pizza on State Street said thousands of pies have been delivered to protesters since donations started pouring in last Thursday. He said they've received donations from all 50 states and dozens of countries, including Egypt. On Tuesday, they had to close early because they ran out of supplies -- including dough.