Oscar Nominee Jed Rothstein on 'Killing In the Name'

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All this week on the Takeaway, we’re talking with people who are nominated for Oscars, and who’ve worked behind the scenes on Oscar-nominated films. Jed Rothstein is the director of “Killing in the Name,” which is nominated for best documentary short. “Killing in the Name” centers on Ashraf Al-Khaled, whose 2005 wedding was attacked by a suicide bomber, killing three out of four of his and his wife’s parents, and a total of 27 of their guests. 

The film follows Ashraf’s mission to stop jihadists who advocate for terrorism. Along the way, he and the audience meet a diverse cast of characters, including a recruiter of suicide bombers, children being trained to become future terrorists, and widows who’ve lost their husbands to suicide bombers.

Watch a preview for the short film (warning: some graphic images) below: