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Alan Alda Compares Science Nerds To Art Nerds

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Scientists get a bad rap for being geeks.

Daily Show Contributor John Hodgman made a successful side-career out of it, starring in Apple commercials as the dorky PC guy. With this persona, he also famously called Barack Obama "the first nerd president" — to his face — at last year's Radio and Television Correspondents' Dinner.

To actor Alan Alda, these very same geeks have a lot in common with artists. "There are a lot of scientists, in order to do their science have to be very creative," says Alda. "In a way they’re like artists."

And he should know. He's straddled the two spheres through his work as an actor and as host of science programs over the years. Most recently, he's hosted the three-part PBS series, The Human Spark. With a team of experts, Alda investigates what makes us human, from anthropological, social, and scientific viewpoints.

Alda came into WNYC as a guest on the The Leonard Lopate Show. Watch the video for more.