Massive Queens Drug Bust Results in 62 Arrests

A sweeping drug bust in Queens Thursday morning resulted in 14 indictments and 48 arrests for charges of selling powder and crack cocaine, heroin, marijuana and other recreational drugs.

New York Police Department officials seized 60 pounds of marijuana, $30,000 in cash and seven weapons in the roundup. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said the police were tipped off when neighbors saw suspicions activity and called authorities. 

The undercover operation was conducted at two Jamaica, Queens, housing projects: Baisley Park Housing Development and Rochdale Village.

"The vast majority of the residents of these two housing complexes are decent, hard-working citizens who have been virtually held hostage by the gangster lifestyle of a relatively few individuals who are alleged to have operated with near impunity," Queens District Attorney Richard Brown wrote in a statement.

Those charged range in age from 16 to 62, and police said those charged had sold drugs to undercover officers hundreds of times. Police officials said 10 of those charged sold drugs in school zones.

Most of the defendants are charged with the criminal sale of a controlled substance in the first degree and could serve up to 20 years in prison.