New Yorkers Hail Turkish Taxi as Frontrunner in Cab Contest

The Taxi and Limousine Commission is hoping to get New Yorkers into the driver's seat when it comes to redesigning the city's cabs.

The commission, which began mulling a cab redesign in 2007 under a program called Taxi of Tomorrow, has decided on three vehicles -- made by Nissan, Ford and the Turkish company Karsan -- and has released results from an ongoing online survey where New Yorkers can have their input.

When it comes to taxi design, most riders surveyed expressed a preference for an environmentally friendly model with more comfortable seating.

Half of respondents said the ability to carry four passengers in the back of the cab is very important. The Karsan is the only model out of three that can fulfill that need. And from a design perspective, the vast majority of respondents prefer the Karsan as well.

The TV sets in cabs were not as popular. More than 31 percent of those surveyed saying the sets are annoying.

More than half of the 22,683 respondents were male and between 18 and 25 years-old and hail a cab at least once a week. Participants said the best thing about taking cabs is the freedom to pay with a credit card.

The TLC is expected to announce the winner of the Taxi of Tomorrow contest by the spring.

Reporting by Kathleen Horan