Gig Alert: Joan Soriano

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Joan Soriano
“Que Pasará Manaña

Playing at: 92Y Tribeca
(200 Hudson St., Tribeca)
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Any New Yorker who occasionally leaves his or her apartment should have some familiarity with bachata--the rhythmic, guitar-based ballad genre from the Dominican Republic that you might hear blasting from a car stereo or at your friendly neighborhood bodega. Most of what we hear on New York radio is the slick, R&B-inflected variant put forth by the Bronx group Aventura, but bachata wasn’t always quite so smooth. Joan Soriano, whose music is released on the indie roots-bachata imprint iASO Records, is a talented youngblood who comes from bachata’s gutsier side. He plays an older, more organic version of the music, from back when you could really hear the grit on the guitar strings and the amargura (biterness) in the singer’s voice. “Que Pasará Manaña” (“What Will Happen Tomorrow”), is a gorgeous minor-key ditty that deals with bachata’s perennial theme: love lost. Before Thursday's concert, 92Y Tribeca will be showing El Duque de la Bacahta, a documentary film all about Soriano.