What Would You Ask Jay Carney?

Obama Press Secretary Jay Carney

Today Jay Carney gives his first briefing as new Press Secretary for the Obama Adminisration. If you were called on first, what question would you ask him? Brian Lehrer will be asking guests on his show today - including Raj Patel, Eugene O'Donnell, and Felix Salmon - for their questions. We'll fold them in later, but start posting yours now.


How high would unemployment need to be at the end of Obama’s first term in office in order for that term to be considered a failure?

-- Felix Salmon, finance writer for Reuters


Why, when we know the real causes behind the food crisis, does the US continue to support market liberalization rather than the sustainable agriculture that farmers throughout the world have been demanding?

-- Raj Patel, author and food activist


Does the President hope that the upheaval in Egypt spread throughout the entire Arab world?

-- Sebastian Junger, journalist and director of the film Restrepo


Post your question for Carney in the comments below. And check back in here at 12:30pm today to watch Carney's first briefing live.