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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama's FY2012 Budget Delivered To Congress (Mark Wilson/Getty)

President Obama laid out his budget proposal, and he’s getting criticized from all sides. Congressman Michael Grimm and Congressman Jerrold Nadler each weigh in. Plus: former Ambassador Nancy Soderberg discusses the U.S. response to the events in Egypt; former Deputy Prime Minister of Jordan, Marwan Muasher, talks about how the rest of the Middle East is viewing events in Egypt; a discussion about what we understand and don’t understand about aging; and Josh Fox, director of the Oscar nominated documentary “Gasland”, discusses his film.

The Budget: Congressman Grimm Reacts

Congressman Michael Grimm (R-NY 13, including Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn) reacts to Obama's new budget proposal.

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US Foreign Policy: Egypt and Beyond

Ambassador Nancy Soderberg, deputy national security advisor to the Clinton administration, former UN Ambassador, and president of the Connect U.S. Fund, joins us to talk about the U.S. response to democratic movements beyond Egypt.

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How We Age

Dr. Marc Agronin, adult and geriatric psychiatrist and author of How We Age: A Doctor's Journey into the Heart of Growing Oldexplores what aging means today and how well we do - or don't - understand the process.

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The Budget: Congressman Nadler Reacts

Congressman Jerrold Nadler (D, NY-08) talks about the president's budget proposal and what it means for New York.

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After Egypt

Marwan Muasher served as foreign minister (2002-2004) and deputy prime minister (2004-2005) of Jordan.  He is vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and author of The Arab Center: The Promise of Moderation.  He joins us to discuss how movements in Egypt might spread through the rest of the Middle East, and how regional governments are reacting.

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Oscar Nominated Documentaries: "Gasland"

Josh Fox, director of "Gasland", talks about his Oscar nominated film, and discusses the effects of the controversial 'fracking' method of natural gas extraction on the health and safety of communities.

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